Cyber Week 2024

In a time of challenge, the Israeli cybersecurity ecosystem demonstrates its resilience. Cyber Week 2024 returns this June. This year’s event holds particular significance, marking 14 years of Cyber Week’s role as a cornerstone of global cybersecurity. Featuring a concentration of world-class expertise over a range of conferences, seminars, focused-sessions, roundtables and networking events, Cyber Week remains an event you will not want to miss.

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Join the conversation in Tel Aviv, the cyber capital of the world!

Cyber Week 2024 invites you to take part in one of the most important
cybersecurity events in the world.
Bringing together industry leaders, high-level decision makers and prominent experts,
Cyber Week provides the unparalleled opportunity
to network with prominent cyber specialists, secure strategic
partnerships and access cutting-edge ideas and innovations.


Interact with cybersecurity peers, investors and decision-makers


Hear from international trail-blazers about cyber's best practices and game changing ideas


Unearth some of the latest technology and cyber solutions for your organization

Meet Our Speakers

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel

Conference Chairman Cyber Week;
Director Blavatnik ICRC, Tel Aviv University


Gaby Portnoy

Director General, Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD)


PM Naftali Bennett

Israel’s 13th Prime Minister


Dr. Shlomit Wagman

Chief Regulatory Compliance Officer, Rapyd; Former Chair of Israel Financial Crime Authority


Matanyahu Englman

State Comptroller of Israel and President of Eurosay


“We forget the most important thing there is that we have to do – all we have to do is look for pin points, vulnerabilities, places where it could hurt – and then watch how long it takes for hackers to get in via our incidents”

Jaya Baloo, CISO, KPN Telecom

“We see cyber which has been an ongoing
part of the daily competition between
nations, now clearly will be part of conflict
between nations.”

Mike Rogers, Former Director of the NSA, Former Head of the U.S Cyber Command

“Did the incident decimate us? Was it an extinction event? No. So did we have to hide from it? No. Was it painful? Absolutely yes. But it really did kind of help set up a model we hope that helps others for the future.”

Tim Brown, CISO, SolarWinds

“This is our vision: like-minded countries, working together to ensure the global community can gain the benefits of cyberspace and avoid the harms that instability brings.”

Anne Neuberger, Deputy Assistant to the President & Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber & Emerging Technologies White House

“If we look at adversity in the right way, we can harness its power to compel us all to do more in our industry, to fight a common adversary together. Adversity leveraged in the right way can only make us stronger, forcing us to focus on the outcomes that our cyber defenders need the most.”

Chris Young, Executive Vice President Business Development, Strategy and Ventures, Microsoft

“Take every incident, every compromise like it’s going to be your last. Take it seriously.”

Christopher C. Krebs, Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Department of Homeland Security (DHS), USA

“Cybersecurity will use AI for both attack and defense, however, you need to have a human in the loop to make the decision on who gets targeted.”

Dame Wendy Hall, Regius Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton

“When you think about the threats we’re facing, that’s where they are- attacks against elections, attacks against integrity. There’s someone manipulating the data. These things are going to become true, and very real, and very physical. There’s a world of difference between your spreadsheet crashes and you lose your data, or your car crashes and you lose your life. It might be same CPU, the same software, the same vulnerability, but wildly different consequences.”


Bruce Schneier, Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Internationally Renowned Security Technologist

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Since 2010, Cyber Week has provided audiences with an unparalleled
opportunity to hear from and network with prominent cyber experts,
secure strategic business partnerships, and increase brand awareness
amongst key decision-makers and industry professional, from Israel and
Renowned as one of the most interdisciplinary cybersecurity events
worldwide, sponsorship for Cyber Week 2024 is an incredible opportunity
to promote your company to a targeted professional audience, while
supporting continued innovation and cybersecurity research.

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